Damian's web cam

and video cam (some of the time)

the web cam address is

http://webcam.impett.org OR http://webcam.wa7dgi.com




I registered the program that captures

the pictures for this page

the program is called Coffee cup web cam.

it is a simple program to install and setup

and you can run it on more then 1 computer,

just as long as the file names (webcam.jpg) are not the same.

you can get a free copy of coffee cup webcam

at www.coffeecup.com

it only costs $30

the free version only lets you run it for 21 days.



Have a nice time looking at my live web cam.

and the image from my video camera.

(images are around 19 kb in size)


(this page refreshes every 60 seconds)




hours of operation

24 hours

7 days a week

(I might have to take the camera's offline for some reason or another)